Welcome to QUICKGLOW

QUICKGLOW is the best friend of the charcoal grill

QuickGlow was born in the land “DOWN UNDER”, more precise in West Australia in 1991. QuickGlow is especially well known for its quality briquettes and was in fact the first quality briquette with long, stable burning time, which was launched on the Danish market.

Today, QuickGlow is more than amazing quality briquettes. It's your charcoal grill's best friend. With barbecue equipment that makes barbecue life easier and convenient. See, among other things, how you can boost your barbecue briquettes ready in just 8 minutes.

We love to grill and know all too well, that time often is a limited resource. That is why we have set out to develop grill products that make it easier to get the grill going and make it a little easier to handle the somewhat tedious cleaning of the grill and grill grate.

In short, QuickGlow is your charcoal grill's best friend and "your little helper" so you can spend time on the most important thing: grilling delicious and tasty barbecue food.

Take a look at the site and meet your new best barbecue friends!